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Yvonne Ryzewski

Yvonne Ryzewski

Greetings JCSMO family my name is Miss Yvonne (Ryzewski) and I’m with your scholars in the playspace area. I was born and raised in Chicago, spent about 10 years in New York City and received my Bachelors degree from Tulane University in New Orleans before landing in my dream home of San Diego (I knew from the time I visited as a little girl this would be home). 

 I have a son who just started Kindergarten at Cedar Cove and he is loving it! Learning about and accepting this position at Mountain Oaks has been an incredible blessing for us! Having previous experience teaching students in various environments from the classroom to a WWII ship I welcomed the opportunity to be part of the family here at JCSMO and look forward to each day being able to help create an environment optimal for learning and growth. I strive daily to create a space in which the scholars are safe and having fun all while cultivating creativity, innovation, teamwork, and learning new skills. 

Outside of the school I enjoy simply being outdoors, we are so blessed to be able to live in a place where we are able to nearly every day! I love to frequently walk by the ocean, have moments to picnic in parks, and explore the vast nature that we have within hours of reach. I love to be with family, whether that is in church, venturing to new places, exploring new cultures, at games, or simply having dinners. There is so much to be grateful for!

Thank you for this opportunity to be able to spend time with your precious children. I will aim to take every opportunity to help nurture a love for learning at JCSMO!