Frequently Asked Questions


What grades does JCS Phoenix Learning Center serve?
We offer classes for grades TK-8.  

Is the program open to anyone?
Julian Charter School is a public school open to all California residents.

What are the program’s hours? (Subject to change due to Covid-19)
Instruction for kindergarten and grade 1 is from 8:30AM-1:45PM Monday through Thursday.
Instruction for grades 2-3 from 8:15AM-2:15PM Monday through Thursday.
Instruction for grades 4-5 from 8:00AM-2:30PM Monday through Thursday.
Instruction for grades 6-8 are held from 7:45AM – 2:00PM Monday through Thursday.
Friday is a home school day. Class hours are staggered to alleviate traffic.

Will you ever go to five days?
JCS Mountain Oaks is a home school based charter, and therefore cannot offer a five day a week  program.

Where are you located?
We are  located at 539 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas, in the North Coast Business Park.

Is there a playground?
We have a 3000 sq ft. indoor space dedicated to play/PE.

How much recess time do students get each day?
Students have a 15-20 minute morning break, part of which may be active, and a 50-60 minute period, which includes 20 minutes to eat and 30-40 minutes devoted to play time.

Is there a lunch program?
We do not have a cafeteria, however we do utilize Ki’s lunch program during the week.  Students must bring lunch if they don’t buy Ki’s. For more information on Ki’s lunch program go to www.kisschoollunches.com

Is there PE?
Students complete their PE requirements at home, and keep a log of their activities each month.  K-5 students are required to do a minimum of 400 minutes per month; 6th-8th graders must complete 800 minutes.

Do you offer language classes?
Not at this time.

Do you offer art and music in the classroom?
Art and music are incorporated into the curriculum, but there are definitely programs at other schools which offer more extensive arts curricula.

Do you offer sports?
JCS-inc has a co-ed intramural sports program for their middle and high school programs.  Teams play flag football in the Fall, volleyball in the Fall/Winter, basketball in the Winter/Spring and arena soccer in the Spring.  Phoenix Learning Center’s teams are open to all 6-8th grade PLC students.

What is the class size?
Classes are currently 22 students in K-1, 24 students in grade 2, 26 students in grade 3, and 28 in grades 4-8.

Is there tuition?
No. Julian Charter School is a public charter school funded by the state of California and free to its students.

What do I need to do to apply?
Fill out our form online to apply to JCS Mountain Oaks.

Can I sign up for next year now?
We begin taking enrollment requests for the next school year in the spring. If there are more requests than we have spaces available, we hold a lottery in April. Please contact the office for more information about space availability in specific grades.

How much homework is there?
Homework varies by grade, but expect all students to be assigned homework.  In general, homework may take about an hour each evening.  Friday work is not considered homework, as it is a home school day and is meant to take the place of a day of instruction.

I’ve never homeschooled. Can I do this Friday thing?
Friday work, which is meant to be a full day’s school work generally takes about 5-6 hours.Most parents find that they grow to enjoy being involved with their child’s learning.  If you find yourself easily frustrated when helping your child with homework, or if your child resists cooperating with you regarding school work, a traditional five day program may work better for your family.

What makes your program different?
Our academically rigorous, differentiated curriculum was designed to meet the California GATE standards and to challenge all students.

Will my child succeed in your program?
Each child is different, but in general, self-motivated, curious kids excel with our methods of teaching.  It is helpful for students to work well independently and actively enjoy challenging work. Many students find renewed interest in learning due to the nature of the work they engage in at our program