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JCS Mountain Oaks PTO

About our Parent Teacher Organization

The JCS Mountain Oaks Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is committed to supporting a quality educational experience for our scholars. We invite every parent / guardian of Mountain Oaks scholars to become members of the JCS Mountain Oaks PTO, attend our meetings, submit your ideas, and find a way to be involved in our community. Our meetings are held one Wednesday each month at 2pm in Mrs. Blough’s room. Any donation to the JCS Mountain Oaks PTO’s Annual Pledge Drive automatically makes you a PTO member! Please join the PTO – we want all JCS Mountain Oaks families to be involved in our children’s educational community.

What Does the PTO Do?

The JCS Mountain Oaks PTO meets on a monthly basis to discuss the best ways to support our teachers and learning center community and put those wish lists into action, helps foster a sense of community/learning center spirit, raises much needed funds for our program, serves to enhance and support parent-teacher communication, and provides enrichment opportunities for our scholars. Funds from the PTO have provided classroom supplies, classroom technology, audio/visual resources, supplies for art, books and resources for the classrooms, PE equipment, assemblies, community building events and much more!

PTO Board

Christine Nguyen
Tricia Neill
Tracy Crawford
Katie Anderson

PTO Board Positions

Co-Chairperson (two-year term)
Candidates with at least one year of prior service on the PLC PTO Board will be given priority. Duties include: presiding over meetings; serving as the primary PTO contact; preparing and posting meeting agendas; and coordinating the work of all the officers and committees so that the purpose of the organization is served. 

Co-Secretary (two-year term)
Duties include: maintaining all records of the organization; taking and recording meeting minutes; handling PTO correspondence; maintaining the bylaws, meeting minutes book, and membership directory; and arranging for any supplies or materials needed at meetings. 

Co-Enrichment/School Support (two-year term)
Duties include: planning and coordinating assemblies, community events, and hospitality for other school events (back-to school coffee, popsicles in the park, etc.), and supporting teachers and staff with other enrichment activities and events. 

Co-Fundraising (two-year term)
Duties include: Planning and coordinating PTO fundraisers; maintaining fundraising calendar; coordinating fundraising committee and volunteers for each event and managing deadlines.