Spanish Teacher

Tim Goldstein

Tim Goldstein
(760) 632-4989 ext: 560009

Tim grew up in New Jersey where he was raised by a dad who always reminded him of how cool it would be to become a teacher. Both of his sisters took his advice and eventually, he did too! In New Jersey, Tim developed his love for surfing and the ocean, fishing and other outdoor activities, as well as reading, writing, and foreign language. He left for the University of Rhode Island with the idea of becoming an educator on his mind.

During his college years, Tim interned at a few different schools while majoring in Spanish with the idea of becoming a Spanish teacher. He traveled throughout Europe while studying Spanish abroad in San Sebastian, Spain. Immediately after college, Tim resided in Costa Rica, where he got his first teaching job at an international private school called The Country Day School, Guanacaste. It was during this year where his love for teaching grew rapidly as he quickly learned all of the challenges and successes that come along with the job.

For four years, Tim taught 6th grade Humanities in a project-based learning environment at High Tech Middle North County in San Marcos, CA. At HTMNC, he designed his own curriculum combined of ancient history, English language arts, social studies and geography through rigorous, hands-on group projects with meaningful real world connections, all while pushing students’ critical thinking skills and challenging them along the way. Tim also taught the Spanish elective in which students immersed themselves in conversation and put their speaking abilities to practice in the outside world in local Mexican restaurants.

Outside of teaching, he enjoys hobbies such as surfing, fly fishing, snowboarding, camping, reading, writing, speaking Spanish, playing music, and traveling to new and exciting locations. Tim combines his passion for these hobbies into the lessons he teaches in order to help engage his students in their learning. His ability to connect well with students, get them engaged in their work, and push them to think critically and creatively is what he loves most about teaching. Tim looks forward to doing just that at JCS Mountain Oaks.