5th Grade Teacher

Tabitha Cronin

Tabitha Cronin
(760) 632-4989 ext: 560044

Tabitha Cronin grew up in Sound Beach, New York. Her love of teaching started while teaching dance and coaching cheerleading. When she decided to pursue a career in education, she moved to New Jersey and graduated with a BA in Elementary Education/Special Education and Anthropology. She taught preschool, second grade, and third grade while living in New Jersey. During her time living in Manhattan, she worked as a home instruction teacher, catering to students with special needs and abilities. She did a great deal of pondering before deciding to leave busy (cold) Manhattan and head to the west coast.

This will be her second year teaching at PLC, where she plans to continue to build a community of lifelong learners. She is excited to see how the scholars have grown over time and what new ideas and challenges are ahead!

When she is not in the classroom, or planning awesome lessons, she enjoys spending time in the sand, hiking, reading, learning, traveling, dancing, camping, journaling, playing the guitar, cooking, and laughing with family and friends.

“Every moment is a teachable one and a learning opportunity.”